Our Clients

Our Clients

The types of people who benefit from our expert services and advice.

They Seek Specialist Knowledge

After three decades of specialising to high net worth individuals, sophisticated investors and health care professionals such as Doctors, Dentists and Pharmacists, Robertson Group Australia understands your unique requirements. Our objective is to ensure all financial opportunities are maximised in areas you may never have imagined. Our exceptional experience allows us to understand your core values and financial concerns.


They Value Expertise

They appreciate, and are willing to follow the advice of an expert. Our clients enjoy the simplicity and freedom that comes from having all their financial assets under the watchful eye of a Personal Finance Director.


They Want a Long Term Relationship

Our clients are looking for a long term relationship that helps to get their affairs in order, provide expert advice and acts as a sounding board whether times are good or bad.


They Enjoy Life

Our clients want to be free to get on with enjoying their life in the knowledge that their finances are well looked after by professionals.


They are Managers of Their Own Destiny

They take charge of their life and their destiny rather than leaving it to chance. Our clients appreciate the peace of mind they get from knowing they have a plan covering all areas that provides them with the greatest probability of achieving their goals.


They Delegate Responsibility but Continue to Retain Control

Clients often approach Robertson Group Australia wanting to change their business model. Our services cater to clients interested in modifying their companies but are unsure how to do it. In this project we really helped our client’s capabilities grow and evolve. Today, their business has completely turned around and we’re proud to have been a part of this process.